What types of Blinds & Shades Are Perfect For Your New Home

When you are moving into a new home, it can be quite a task to find the right blinds that suit the exact requirements for you and your family. Sometimes, it can be very confusing to buy them online as there are not only different types but styles, colours and even prices to choose from. If you are lucky, you could get a good deal on the best blinds online.

Here we have mentioned which online blinds will be more suitable for each type of room or setting of your new home:


There are two types of online blinds that can be good for your bedrooms.

The first one is the regular Vertical blind which helps you to block the light coming into the room and easy on maintenance.

The second one is Vertical blind alternatives which have no gap between its slats which ensures that light comes in well through the windows. But they look quite like the Vertical blinds.

You can use the Vertical blinds in either the kid’s room or the master bedroom. However, the Vertical blind alternatives can be used in the living room or drawing room as well.

If your room has a lot of sunlight or you are a late sleeper, the best blind is the Roller/Solar Shades. They are perfect UV protection blinds for open living rooms.

Guest Room/Living Room

Roman Shades are made out of cloth and are given an accordion type fold while you can move up or down. Usually they are more difficult to clean than vertical blinds but you can sometimes take them out and wash them in a washing machine.

They look elegant and would be ideal in a guest room set up or a luxurious living room where you want to give a chic look.

Roman blinds online options can be plenty as many fabric quality types are available online. However, go for something that is not only practical but affordable as well.


Sheer shades are ideal for a kitchen since they can cover your windows as well as give in enough sunlight. This blind is connecting with each other in a horizontal look and is made out of sheer cloth.


For bathroom you should not use wood or faux wood as the moisture can spoil it. So, the best option would be to go for sheer shades else you can also give a try to aluminium blinds which are horizontal and seem less. They are also one of the most durable online blinds.


Online blinds are usually available in three different types– wood, PVC and aluminium. Wood & PVC are more expensive than aluminium. Wooden blinds are ideal for offices wherein for kitchens and bathrooms, PVC is the best. PVC can work well for your bedrooms as it gives the room a soft look.

Den/Office Space

Ideal blind for your den or office space is the wood or faux wood blinds. These blinds are made out of bamboo or maple and can give your room a cosy and comfortable look. You can also get your floor made up with wood or wooden tiles to give your den or an office a perfect feel.


Control the Light in your Apartments with Cost-Effective Vertical Blinds

We all love a little sunshine in our lives. However, when the light starts entering your home at times when you would like the shade, it may be time to think about vertical blinds for your doors and windows. These provide the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, at an extremely affordable cost.

Unlimited Variety, Unmatched Privacy

You will find a wide range of vertical blinds online in a great variety of sizes, materials, styles and even colours. They can be customised to fit any doors and windows, of any shape as well. Earlier, blinds were made primarily of aluminium and wood. While these are still available, you can also find vinyl, woven fabrics and a combination of both in today’s digital markets. Depending on the privacy and light requirements in your room, you can choose the size of the slats. The smaller slats offer more privacy while the larger slats allow more light into your rooms and enable a better view of the outside.

Compliment your Interiors

If you are looking for an inexpensive solution to create a striking impact in your apartments, these are the perfect blinds for you. Opt for vertical blinds from fabrics to enhance the look of your home and enrich your decor. You can also choose different coloured blinds for a more stylish appearance.

With this new addition to your apartment, you won’t just be able to block out the light, but you will also be able to pull in the compliments from your friends and family!


Block out Blinds Can Bring Real Difference to the Look of Your Room

Windows are a major part of any building let it be home or office and when we think about windows first thing that comes in our mind is curtain or blinds depending on the necessity. Blinds are the best option for the rooms to give a different look and there are lots of patterns and designs of blends. Normally, blinds are used as per the requirement like is it for decorative purpose or for blocking light or to give professional look.

Block out blinds are usually used in conference rooms of an organisation to block the light when there is any kind of presentations. It comes in different size and various designs and colours. If the blind colour matches with the floor and if the light patterns are good then it can definitely turn the room into a fantastic and relaxing experience.

Whether you use curtains or blinds, changing it never takes much effort and at any point of time you can change to alter the look of the room. As the name suggests block out blinds are used in the room where there is need to block light and air. These blinds are really very advantageous because it can be used for decorative purpose and also can be used to block the lights when needed. When it is used in conference rooms, it gives the required professional and standard look, which should be maintained in the office.

Author Bio: Jacob Mackey is a professional interior designer and works as a consultant architect. He has written many blogs related to various topics related to interior designing and block out blinds.


What Makes White Venetian Blinds a Timeless Choice?

Shopping for blinds can be a tedious task, especially with the countless number of options available in the market. In such a scenario, sometimes it can help to go down the classic road and opt for the most timeless choice. Venetian blinds are known to be a perfect window covering. Though they have been existent since centuries, the blinds have evolved over time and are now as modern as the generations using them.

Why Go for White?

  • Though you will find many colour options while looking for Venetian blinds online, white is the ideal colour for any kind of décor. White blinds help maintain natural light within the home, ensuring that you don’t miss out on a beautiful sunny day.
  • With the amount of light reflected by the white blinds, you will be surprised at the comfortable and elegant atmosphere that is created at home due to these blinds.
  • Plus, if you are looking for insulation, just adjusting the slats can maintain the temperature in your homes, helping you save money as well!
  • If you are concerned about the cleanliness of white blinds, don’t worry! All you need is some soap, water, a clean cloth and a few minutes! You can regularly enjoy the clean and fresh look of these blinds.
  • Whether you opt for aluminium, PVC or faux wood blinds, their durability ensures a long life, making them an ideal investment.
  • Whether you change the décor, furniture or lighting in your room, white blinds will match with anything and everything, and add a touch of purity and elegance to your décor.

Venetian blinds are perfect for smaller spaces as well as they can create an illusion of a bigger space. If you can find a great shade of white blinds, blindly make the purchase!