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Trendy Lighthouse Bathrooms

Lighthouse Themed Accessories

Best Ways to Decorate Trendy Lighthouse Bathrooms In the recent few years, lighthouses bathrooms have become popular and trendy themes related to the decor of the bathroom. In fact, the nautical theme is usually applicable ...
Bathroom Design

Designing Your Bathroom

Updating your bathroom designs involves more than just deciding what color of. paint or what type of bathtub to choose. Developing a design for your bathroom means considering many factors, and time devoted to this ...
Buying Furniture

Consider a Bidet

The bidet (pronounced bi-DAY) is not a common fixture in American households, although at least the term itself is becoming more familiar in the US. Bidets have been successfully and happily used for hundreds of ...
Buying Furniture

Choosing a new bathtub

The bathtub has been overlooked in most new construction; the classic claw foot actually large enough to allow an adult a decent soak are a thing of the past, and the new three walled acrylic ...